Are Speedy Feet listed as an official dealer with Ninebot?

No, no we are not. We had an exclusive distributorship with them, but just 3 month into this it was cut without notice (along with all other Ninebot dealers across Europe).

We were very proud of our close relationship with Ninebot. We used to only deal with Ninebot as we believed they were the best on the market back then.

We were indeed linked officially to Ninebot, please see the below screen shot:

This is no longer the case. Not only that, we have ventured out and tested some new products on the market, and whilst the Ninebot ONE E+ remains the go to wheel for reliability and looks, it is no longer the only wheel that offers this, checkout our YouTube channel to see all the other amazing, more powerful and better range units available, that have been fully tested and approved by Speedy Feet.